Pets and our love life

Pets and our love life


The role of pets in dating

When it comes to dating, pets (consciously or unconsciously) play an important role in choosing a partner. Women find men with cats generally nicer than a man without a cat. Single women also consider men with pets to be more attractive. Although this is difficult to investigate scientifically, different studies show it seems that there is some truth in it.

When it comes to choosing the right partner, finding common interests is a big factor. And the love for animals can be an important part of that. According to another study, women are most attracted to men who have a shelter dog. At the first contact, women also look closely at the reaction of their animal to the man in question, and vice versa. According to researchers, this is because women unknowingly check a man whether he is a good carer, with regards to possible future children.

Your lover or your pet?

When it comes down to it, many pet owners are resolute: the pet is more important than the partner. More than 60 percent of pet owners prefer the pet to a loved one. And according to a British study, one in ten women feels even more affection for her pet than for her partner.

At Pawshake we consulted our community for this important matter.... We asked our singles: should your future lover be an animal lover? Is that a dealbreaker for you? The answer was massive YES. Some of the responses:

"Certainly !! My pets are like my children .."

"100%. I don't like people who don't like animals:")

"Certainly !! Otherwise, it could never work out .. my dogs are so important to me!"

Do you have a cat? Then you are extra attractive :-)

These responses make sense because we increasingly see pets as real buddies: as a fully-fledged housemate and family member. Animal owners are therefore critical when it comes to choosing a partner, but if a match is found, then you also have an advantage: people who have a strong relationship with their pet are also inclined to be good to people around them. Animal friends are therefore also potentially very good love partners.

Happy Valentine! <3