Staycation holidays with your pet

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What is a staycation?

A staycation is a holiday that’s enjoyed close to home. It doesn't have to mean staying at home, but rather, staying within the country or region in which you live. It is an increasingly popular way to enjoy a break since the coronavirus pandemic began, and for good reason. This is a good way to enjoy the break before overseas travel has opened up again. There are so many ways to explore and support your local area without jumping on a plane. Plus, pets can often join in the fun!

A lot of us in Germany are feeling ready to hit the road and enjoy a well-deserved summer holiday soon, so now is a good time to make some plans. Pawshake is here to help you do just that!

Road trip staycation by a lake

Why is planning a staycation a good idea?

1) A staycation supports your local economy

The drop in international and local tourism in 2020 has been really devastating for many little businesses around Germany, which has a knock-on effect on our whole economy. 

Show your support by planning to spend your holiday pennies in local shops, pubs, restaurants and tourist attractions. We promise they will be extremely grateful for it, plus, you get to enjoy all the amazing produce, handicrafts and history this country has to offer!

2) A staycation is safe

Holidaying close to home is still a really safe bet while things in the world are still a bit uncertain. As we all know, unforeseen events such as the pandemic can really throw our plans in the air in the blink of an eye. As such, keeping your holiday within the country gives you the flexibility and certainty of knowing the area and the rules, as well as knowing how to stay safe.  

Things are still moving really quickly and we are holding onto hope for bigger trips around the globe in the near future. But a staycation is an excellent way to start.

Toller dog on a with flowers

3) Your pet can often join you on a staycation

Avoid any separation anxiety for your pet by planning a pet-friendly holiday! Many campsites and holiday rentals are dog-friendly and have plenty of space for them to run, sniff and make furry friends. 

If your dog can’t join you (and of course, many cats and smaller critters are happier at home), a pet sitter is the answer. Your pet sitter can either stay in your home with your pet or board your dog in their home. It’s like your pet’s own cosy staycation! 

4) A staycation is flexible and affordable

You can cater your staycation holiday to suit your budget, which is really important for many families after the rocky year of 2020. 

Perhaps you want to get back to nature and simplicity in a quiet campsite. Or then again, you might fancy a pamper in a nice hotel, or the best of both worlds on a glamping holiday. You’d be surprised at what you can find close to home to suit every taste and budget.

5) A staycation is less stressful

While we’re waiting for overseas adventures to return, we can enjoy the ease of packing the car and arriving quickly at our destination. 

Not that we don’t love the adventure of flying overseas, and we can’t wait for this type of travel to return! But no time lost to travel means more time to relax! And when you know your area, it’s far less dramatic if you forget something and need to run to the shops or pop back home.

Dog on a road trip holiday

What are some ways to have a staycation holiday in Germany?

There are so many ways to enjoy a staycation holiday in Germany, no matter your budget or personal preference. 

Here are some ideas to get you inspired and excited about your future holidays!

Road trip

Pack up the car or caravan (don’t own either? No problem - simply hire one!), put on your favourite playlist and hit the open road.

You can explore the beautiful countryside and stay overnight in either caravan parks or cosy bed and breakfasts. And if you plan ahead, your dog might be able to join you too! Here are some tips for driving with a dog.


Enjoy the simplicity and tranquillity of nature on a low-key camping holiday. A camping holiday might be the perfect antidote to many of us who have been stuck inside or in the city for the past few months. Open skies, campfires and wildlife is our idea of bliss!

Do you want to bring your dog along? Here is what you need to know about camping with a dog. 


Glamping is a step between camping and a luxury holiday. These luxury camping sites tend to have more modern facilities and beautiful, instagrammable interiors. 

There are many glamping sites that are dog-friendly too, but remember a pet sitter is only a click away to help you if not.

A luxury stay

Why not go all out and stay in a fancy hotel or apartment and enjoy the finer things in life? Although this might not be the most pet-friendly option, we understand that many will need a proper pamper after lockdown. Again, a pet sitter can help if your hotel doesn’t accept pets.


No matter where you are going or what you have planned, don’t forget to book your pet sitter in advance. We anticipate that things will become busy soon, and don’t want you to miss out! Start browsing who is nearby now and reach out to us anytime you need help.